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Mobile Beauty Salon is a "GREEN" salon that carries a wide range of organic and natural products to reveal true and long lasting beauty. 

The health of my clients, my health, and the environment is VERY important to me. I am very selective in the products that I am using on my clients. My products are of a very high quality and are available to you through my service at the best price!

Please keep in mind that prices for my services are flexible and can be discussed while scheduling an appointment or during the actual service.


Call or text for more details about my products and services.


Prices for services:

. Just wash with scalp massage $10 (client provide shampoo)

. Haircuts $20 and up (add $5 for wash)

. Blow dry and Styling $15 & up (free for all with less hair after cut)

. Flat Iron or Curling Iron $15 & up

. Haircolor $50 (roots coverage, short hair) & up, $40 for roots coverage if I do not have to wait for color to process and rinse your hair

. Highlights Partial $60 & up

. Balayage $75 & up

. Perms $85

. Roller Set $25 & up

. Treatments $25 & up

. Up-dos and formal hair $20 & up

. Manicure with hand massage $15 - $20

. Pedicure with bath & massage $25 - $30

. Facials $40/h & up (cleansing, exfoliation, masks, massage, aromatherapy)

. Basic Massage face/body $50/h

. Waxing $25 & up


Please note: If you have "box color" available that you purchased yourself and would like my help with application I charge $25 for a simple application, but I am not responsible for actual result or how color is going to turn out. Please also follow manufacturers directions and perform patch test if you are new to your color. I won't be responsible for any negative reaction that you might get if you fail to perform patch test.

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