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Mobile Beauty Salon is a "GREEN" salon that carries a wide range of organic and natural products to reveal true and long lasting beauty. 

The health of my clients, my health, and the environment is VERY important to me. I am very selective in the products that I am using on my clients. My products are of a very high quality and are available to you through my service at the best price!

Pictures are samples of products that I am using.

Please keep in mind that prices for my services are flexible and can be discussed while scheduling an appointment or during the actual service. Call or send an e-mail for more details about my products and services.


Prices for services:

. Just wash with scalp massage $10 (client provide shampoo)

. Haircuts $20 and up (add $5 for wash)

. Blow dry and Styling $15 & up (free for all with less hair after cut)

. Flat Iron or Curling Iron $15 & up

. Haircolor $50 (roots coverage, short hair) & up, $40 for roots coverage if I do not have to wait for color to process and rinse your hair

. Highlights Partial $60 & up

. Balayage $75 & up

. Perms $85

. Roller Set $25 & up

. Treatments $25 & up

. Up-dos and formal hair $20 & up

. Manicure with hand massage $15 - $20

. Pedicure with bath & massage $25 - $30

. Facials $40/h (cleansing, exfoliation, masks, massage, aromatherapy)

. Basic Massage face/body $50/h

. Waxing $25 & up


Please note: If you have "box color" available that you purchased yourself and would like my help with application I charge $20 for simple application, but I am not responsible for actual result or how color is going to turn out. Please also follow manufacturers directions and perform patch test if you are new to your color. I will not help you apply product if you tell me you failed to perform patch test, and therefore I won't be responsible for any negative reaction that you might get.

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